This just in from Broken Newz:

“Senator Rick Santorum Wants to Sing With Elton John at Grammies”

After recently equating “sodomy,” with bigamy, polygamy, and incest in an interview, Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is attempting to mend bridges with the Gay community, perhaps by singing with Elton John at the next Grammies.

…He is [also] about to release his movie-acting debut, “Straight Mile” wherein he plays a struggling young Senator who excels in debates, but suffers from stage fright. In a small but telling scene in the film, Santorum defends a homosexual coworker, saying, “I have no problem with him being a homosexual, as long as he doesn’t engage in homosexual behavior. Or lust in his heart, because that’s a sin, too. Unfortunately, there isn’t yet legislation in Texas making it illegal to lust in the heart, but just because I defend the right of Texas to lock up Ron here for getting laid doesn’t mean I have anything against him….

Personally, I suspect he’ll also be following in Eminem’s footsteps by releasing his own line of clothing. Inspired by the “in-your-face hoodie” from Shady Ltd. that reads “You Got a Problem?”, the hoodie from the Sanctus Ltd. line will sport the reply, “Only With Homosexual Acts.”