roger and me

Roger and I had a nice time today chatting. I was telling him about the Enneagram, which he didn’t know of, and he took the free short sample test available on the Enneagram Institute’s home page.
He turned out, most likely, to be a Five (his scores were all very close; I think he may need to take the longer test, though I had guessed beforehand that he likely was a Five, and he agreed that the descriptions seemed relevant). I, as I mention elsewhere on my web site, am a strong Four, with a Five wing.
One thing I hadn’t seen before, though, was the listings of how the 45 different pairings might play out. It was very interesting to look at the way that he and I interact as a Four/Five pairing, and to look at how some of my romantic relationships in the past have fit much of the patterns and behaviors described here.
I’m also guessing that Matt is a Four, like me; I’ll ask him later if he knows anything about the Enneagram. Four/four pairings have potentially great promise, though they can also go horribly wrong. Of course.
Roger and I also then spent some time together in TSO, which was very nice. There is wonderful, but still lacks some of the two-person interactions available in TSO, like the various dances and romantic/social interactions (hugs, kisses, backrubs, etc.). We then relaxed in the virtual hot tub, and mused over the wonderful times we’ve had there in our park-home in TSO, but how it may be time for things there to change, and that we’re ok with that. It wasn’t even as bittersweet as I thought it might be; whatever the downside of TSO has been, it at least brought me great friends like Roger and Raymond and Nathan and, yes, even Daniel and Josh. For that, at least, I’ll always be appreciative of what Maxis and EA have created.