laughter really does seem to be the best medicine

I need to start finding humorous sites to visit each night before bed. Saturday morning I noted a site that had made me laugh the previous night, lightening a dark mood and allowing me to get to sleep. Last night I had a similar experience, but made even nicer by sharing it at the time with both Roger and Lee.
I hadn’t yet explored the Weight Watchers Cards of 1974 (, so I started off looking at those and sharing the URL with Roger and Lee. That site reminded me of the material at both and at one of my very favorite sites on the web,, most especially the Institute of Official Cheer. There was some new content at that I hadn’t yet seen, which was nice, but it all feels fresh again when laughing over it with friends who haven’t yet experienced it.
These sites inspire the kind of laughter I mostly only remember from years ago, when I first discovered David Barry (whom I don’t find nearly so funny now, but twenty years ago considered his work to be riotous) and The Straight Dope, the kind of stuff that could make me fall off the bed from laughing so hard. The commentary with the recipe cards on, and with everything on create the same effect; I was laughing out loud, with tears streaming down my cheeks. It was a great way to end the day and hit the sack.