it’s just a phase my car is going through has an article about the “Ten great gay cars for 2003”.

Yep, my Saab 9-3 is there. Author Steve Siler writes:

Saabs are ready matches for the gay community. Not only do they dare to be different, but Saab was validating and accessing our community through charity sponsorships and advertising in gay and lesbian publications before it was cool to do so.

OK, New Beetle Cabrio. Check. Jeep Wrangler. Check. Mazda Miata. Like, duh.

But really, now, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Subaru Outback, and the Ford Mustang and Ranger?

And speaking of cars, this news, which Roger heard on the radio on Tuesday but which I forgot to post about, makes me very sad. I really loved the look of the new T-bird though, to be honest, if I were going to spend $40K again on a car (which I’m not planning to and besides, all I could find in my area were the removable hard-top version instead of the soft-top I really want <grin>), it would probably have to be on something other than a two-seater. But oh, what a gorgeously sexy retro little two-seater it is.

Columnist Jerry Flint says:

I remember when they killed the first two-passenger Bird. I thought that the car was beautiful. A Ford executive back then said, “Beauty is a good 10-day sales report.” The original Thunderbird reminded people that Ford could build a beautiful car. Ditto for the short-lived new Thunderbird.

The news about its demise is ugly indeed.

Amen to that.