five and four make… what?

In an earlier entry, I spoke about the Enneagram, and my guess that Matt might be a Four, like me. Last night I got an email from him (including some more recent pix–from 2001–than the ones I’d earlier found online, from 1994-1997).
He took the short-form instrument, and turned out to be a Five, the same as Roger. A Four-Five pairing, apparently, can be very good, as “[b]oth… can be extremely creative and both love to share their findings with the other, making stimulating, wide-ranging conversation and open communication a hallmark of a Four/Five relationship, both in the intensity of their conversation and in the sincere interest they bring to their listening to each other. Each type usually brings a noteworthy sense of humor and love of the bizarre and the outlandish that can give their relationship a quirky and unique character all of its own…. They have a mutual tolerance for whatever the other comes up with and neither is easily shocked. They generally find each other stimulating and are tolerant of each other’s idiosyncrasies. Both inspire creativity in the other and give permission to the other to be themselves and follow their own inspirations.”