feels like monday morning

Oh, it was so hard to get up this morning. Between the time change, the general lack of sleep, the current weather (cold and rainy), the car problems, and the environment at work, I just wanted to stay in bed. I so wanted to call in sick to work, but my sense of responsibility took over, and I dragged my elfin ass out of bed anyway.
Last night offered some wonderful reconnections. After getting my letter from Dar, I bopped over to LiveJournal, where she maintains her online journal. Once there, I came across the journals for both her partner Anna, and a former roommate of theirs and another friend of mine from the early 90s, Vicka. I’ve posted a “hello, I’m still alive” comment to Vicka’s journal, and already heard back from her last night; Dar and I exchanged a couple of emails setting up the LiveJournal account; and I’m going to post to Anna today. The three of them were part of what I considered my earliest Internet-based tribe, and it’s great to re-establish contact.