dad’s health

Got an somewhat distressing email from my dad this evening, followed up by a phone call later.

Got call today that my white blood cell count continues to be low after two
reductions in one of my medications to prevent rejection. We have to go to
Richmond Wednesday to see Dr. S– at 12:45 PM. Transplant nurse said to
come prepared to stay. They have an apartment for us. I may go in the
hospital or may be treated as an outpatient. We really do not know a lot
about what is to be done. Reduced Cellcept from 1000 mg twice a day to 500
mg twice a day on 3/19. Reduced again on 3/31 to 250 mg twice a day. Blood
work continues to show white blood cell count still too low. So off to
Richmond we must go. Your mother will update you when we know any thing more.

The phone call confirmed that they don’t know anything more than that at this point. Richmond is about three hours from them, but it’s where the Virginia Transplant Center is, and where he received his kidney transplant the middle of January. Dad doesn’t know if they’ll admit him to the hospital, or put them in the onsite apartment (where we stayed when he was hospitalized last year with an infection, and where he and mom were housed for a few weeks after the transplant) and treat him on an outpatient basis.

And with my car more and more out of commission (today its shifting gears very sluggishly), I’ll probably need to rent a car this weekend to drive down to Richmond to see him there.