Yowza… was up again last night very late, getting to bed around 6:30 am. Got up a little past noon. My schedule this past week largely has settled into a pattern of staying up until between 4 and 6, and sleeping until noonish. That’s happened over and over again since I stopped working; I’ve always thought of myself as more of a night person than a day person, and often reverted to that pattern on weekends even when I was having to sleep and get up at more typical hours during the work week. This must be my body’s preferred schedule, or maybe just the result of the interesting paradox of loving sleep but hating to go to sleep; I get so caught up in the things I’m reading/writing/viewing/doing that I lose track of the time, and hate to stop. I even get so engrossed in what I’m doing that I occasionally forget to eat until many hours past the normal meal times, which many of my friends and family say they have the hardest time imagining.
The only thing that makes this schedule a little difficult at times is that my white vertical blinds don’t do a terrific job of blocking the light, especially where it leaks around the ends; fortunately, my mostly southern exposure means I’m not getting the very earliest rays. Also, on Friday mornings the trash trucks come, and the emptying of the condo building dumpsters often wakes me. That happened this morning, and with the windows open the pollens of spring kept my sleep a little less easy, so I’m just a little bit groggy right now.
Tonight’s the reading of “Under Milkwood” at our VARUUM/Chalice Theatre co-sponsored coffeehouse, and I’ve agreed to be there to staff an information table and to help play waiter. Supposed to get there around 6:30 this afternoon. Before that, I need to go pick up some hardware items to complete the work I’ve been doing in the second bath.