“it was a great feeling, while it lasted”

I was really moved by Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” in regards to same-sex marriage and California’s Prop. 8 earlier this week, and several straight friends wrote to tell me about it as well. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it already. I was similarly touched by Judith Warner’s most recent New York Times column, […]

the republic, for which it misunderstands

I’d been planning to write this post since the passage of California’s Proposition 8 last Tuesday eliminating the right of same-sex couples to marry, but because I procrastinated, as usual, others, including Jeff, have beat me to the punch. Nevertheless, here’s my own take on the matter. Two issues that have often distressed me, and […]

anger. bitterness. despair.

These are largely the only emotions I’ve been able to feel since Tuesday night, with the exception of two fleeting moment of elation 1) when the election first was called for Obama, and 2) when Obama gave his speech. Even in the midst of those moments, though, I kept being reminded that the promises inherent […]

help defeat prop 8: it’s personal.

There is an unfair ballot proposition in California that, if passed, will take away my fundamental rights. This is really important to me. Will you help me defeat Proposition 8? Jeff and I have been together for five years. We love and support each other in the same way as families all over the country; […]

scylla and charybdis on I-66

So assume you’re driving in a state with the following two separate traffic laws: When police, fire and rescue vehicles or ambulances approach you using a siren, flashing light or both, you must immediately yield the right-of-way; and Upon approaching a stationary emergency vehicle that is displaying a flashing, blinking, or alternating emergency light you […]

shake it up, baby

Earlier today I was laughing about the mention on the news of a 2.9-magnitude earthquake near Concord; 2.9 hardly seems worth mentioning, and hardly would be felt. Then, about twenty minutes ago, our own house started shaking, dishes were rattling, and the cats went ballistic, their claws scrabbling frantically on the floor as they ran […]

from the coincidences department

On my commute home from work last night, I started listening to a This American Life episode, entitled “Roadtrip!”, on my iPod. Ira Glass had just finished the introduction as I pulled up to my first traffic light where, looking around, I saw an SUV parked on the right side of the street, sporting the […]

new kits on the block

Originally uploaded by thomwatson After talking about it for a couple of months, and several trips to the Peninsula Humane Society, we came home Saturday afternoon from our most recent visit with two additions to our household, a 3-1/2-year-old male Maine Coon mix (right, top) and a 2-year-old female tortie (right, bottom; there are more […]

just call me the comish

This morning on the way to work I stopped off at San Francisco City Hall, filled a parking meter with a huge handful of spare change–for a grand total of only 29 minutes–and went to the Office of the County Clerk, where 19 minutes and a check for $112 later, I was sworn in as […]